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Wondering what Favoriza is?

The founders, Alicia and Maria Antonia, are two professionals with extensive experience in multinational technology, which has led them to travel and live in different parts of the world. They both shared the strong desire to overcome the boredom of mass production of clothing. Always having an aspiration to change this view of fashion and style, they left their jobs in 2011 to create the multibrand online store called where women could find nonperishable, authentic clothing.

As TenEstilo grew older, we realized that we wanted to focus on trends, better prices, and more sizes. With all of these factors in mind, we still hold true to selling the same quality merchandise from Spanish and European designers. To represent this change, we now move to

We want to share with you how Favoriza was born. In 2015, this happy mistake was made by Adelaide, a French student who worked with us. She created the verb Favorizar from the combination of two Latin words, favorecer and priorizar. When translated these words mean to flatter and to prioritize. In a very short amount of time, Favoriza became a word that embodies our mission and what we strive for, because our motto is to prioritize what flatters each woman.

Looking for the perfect dress or crop top that highlights your waist? How about a stylish jacket for a job interview or leather shoes made in Spain? You deserve the most for yourself, without having to spend your entire salary in the attempt to get quality and fashionable clothing. Therefore, if you follow trends but are not a slave to them, and if your style of dress reflects your individual personality, then Favoriza is the place for you! .

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What are the Favoriza´s labels & designers?

Favoriza is an online fashion shop where one can find clothes and accessories that are made by independent Spanish and Italian designers. The clothing and accessories found on Favoriza cannot be found in commercial shopping centers no matter how large they are.


Favoriza is a place where designers make clothing and accessories with care and love specifically for each individual. You can buy different dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, jackets, sweaters, coats, bags, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings by the best Spanish designers and European fashion brands. Furthermore, the firms used by Favoriza are not on the best corners of the best shopping streets, therefore the marketing costs are lower. This allows the brands and designers to lower their prices thus offering exclusivity and price simultaneously.


We are passionate about where and how the clothing and accessories carried by Favoriza are produced. It is of great importance to us to have authentic Spanish designers who manufacture their creations in Spain. In addition to this, it is of great importance that Favoriza carries trusted brands where workers are treated well and respected. We also have Italian designers and products because as in Spain, these brands and designers hold themselves to a high standard of quality and responsible production. We believe in those who believe in Spain! 

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You dream of your own personal stylist! 

Now get fashion advice, style tips and outfit ideas on how to look chic & fabulous is really easy with our free online personal stylist.

Because Favoriza has a Free Online Stylist that will tell you what look is perfect for you and help you make the most of your figure and give you customised tips and advice. It helps you conceal what you do not like, but more importantly it allows you to express your true self. We believe beauty has nothing to do with size or age, but rather it is how you use style to allow your internal being to shine. We favor real women like you and I. Those who live a busy life, who are self-assured, active, and still stylish. We know what we want and we realize what our main priorities are with the limited time we have. Time is money and therefore we use the Online Stylist to offer you more in a less amount of time.

All you need is to give your measurements and your stylist will give you recommendations of what clothes, accessories, and seasonal supplements work the best for you. These recommendations will highlight your personal style and give you the best possible look. The Online Stylist also tells you what to wear for specific occasions such as work, holidays, leisure etc. It selects for you what seasonal look fits your body the best for what event you have to dress for (wedding, night out, weekend getaway). This set will be a unique mix of different clothing companies and fashion designers, which gives you an enriching result.

Welcome to Favoriza, discover and buy clothes that allow you to express yourself. 

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